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Welcome to the Social Value Community

Meet your peers, discuss, contribute and learn about the best ways to assess Social Impacts along the entire value chain of a product, brand, business-unit or entire company. Everybody is invited to sign up to create a profile and become a member. 

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We welcome companies, industry associations, academics, consultants and all other interested individuals or organisations to share ideas that contribute to the further development of credible metrics, tools, datasources and other solutions. We strongly believe such solutions can bring social value for all stakeholders along the value chain.

This site has several sections:

The About this Initiative page, gives yoy a background on who we are and why we do this.

In the Competence Center, you can find various sections. So far, most can be found on the Handbook pages, but feel free to upload in any section.

The Forum page is where you can exchange in dialogue or share an idea or question.

Announcements for webinars and events can be made on the events page, feel free to do so.

The Group page is where you can join workinggroups, discuss and engage (will come soon).

Feel free to contribute wherever you would like, but of course stay focussed on the area of social assessment methodologies and metrics.


The Social Value Community has been initiated by the Social Value Initiative (www.social-value-initiative.org) which already started to develop a methodology and Handbook in 2013. This initiative is led by a number of proactive companies and is facilitated by PRé. If you visit the Initiative site, you can also sign up to the newsletter of the Initiative.

You can contact us via info@social-value.org

Social Value Community is part of the Social Value Initative, which is governed by a number of partner companies; see www.social-value-initiative.org You can reach the community via info at social-value.org