There several other important initiatives that focus or at least cover social impacts. The Social LC Alliance is defenitely an importat development. The articles below try to summarise the most relevant, but please add or comment as you like.

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Already in 2009, a group of experts developed the first UNEP Guidelines for Social LCA. Recently a major update was developed and published in three reports:

  • a Guidance document (with a similar scope as the Handbook + Methodology Guide)
  • the Methodo
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The EU funded Horizon 2020 project orienting, is developing and testing a Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment methodology which combines 5 pillars

  1. Social LCA
  2. Environmental LCA
  3. Life Cycle Costing
  4. Circularity
  5. Supplyrisks.

In the social pillar many

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Social Value Community is part of the Social Value Initative, which is governed by a number of partner companies; see You can reach the community via info at