The Handbook provides a pragmatic step by step guidance to explore and apply the social  metrics in your first case studies. It contains plenty of guidance in the data collection, hotspot identification, circular economy and impact assessment.

The Social Topic Report is the companion of the Handbook. It provides the definitions of 25 social topics, the reference scales and performance indicators. It is updated in April 2022; with more links to relevant standards and clarifications and examples. 

Our Core Partners are implementing the social metrics in their organisations supported by efficient procedures. The Implementation Guide shows how this can be done, based on the journeys our Core Partners are making currently.

The Methodology is based on the recognition that companies can not only impact social wellbeing, but are also dependent on it. The social topics are selected based on this understanding of mutual dependency between an organisation, its workers, the local communities, the small-scale entrepreneurs and of course their customers.

Implementation Guide; what comes after your first case study...

Ad-hoc case studies as described in the Handbook are a great way to explore and learn about the business value of social metrics. However, when the company grows in maturity more and more departments get involved and after some time the method is formalized and integrated in the different policies of the company such as the Code of Conduct and reporting mechanisms.

The Implementation Guide therefore is written to describe this process and assist companies to implement social assessment in the organization. The Guide is based on the Maturity Matrix concept, which describes four stages of development towards maturity. It is based on what we learned about the growth in maturity during the different phases of the Roundtable and follows in detail the experiences of the different companies in the Roundtable.

Companies can perform a self-assessment to determine at which stage they are and set the ambitions for the development over the coming period. Below the result is shown of the self-assessment of the members in 2019.


You can download the implementation guide here


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