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While the Handbook is set up as a guide for novices in social value assessment, the real learning will not come from reading, but from using it in a first case study. Only then it becomes clear what the challenges and underlying dilemmas are. To support this learning, we are offering a training to support everyone with a case study.

We offer a training consisting of 5 sessions of each 2-3 hours online with the following learning objectives:

  • Understanding the historic and theoretical background and current practices of social assessment the larger perspective of sustainability metrics (Section 1)
  • Learning to apply the methodology of the Handbook for Product Social Impact Assessment on a case study (section 2,3 and 4)
  • Getting to know the opportunities and challenges of Product Social Impact Assessment for the application in business (section 5)

To make this training effective it is essential that you will be working on a case study on a product, service or for instance brand. It is important that the case entails a (not too complex) value chain. The picture below illustrates the structure of the training.

Initially we mentioned a price of 2500 euro and shared the wrong document here. We apologize, becase the price was wrong; it is 1500 euro. For more information about the training see the updated and corrected detailed description here. The registration link is at the PRe website:

The recording of the webinar can be found here In case a passcode is asked, it should be: 3L?F&T0+

The slides can be found here



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