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The webinar entitled: Due Diligence: What it is,What it means and how the Handbook can help was heald on July 6th 2022. A short summary and a link to the slides and recording can be found below

The upcoming  EU Due Diligence legislation will require companies to apply the Guiding Principles on Human Rights and the OECD Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct. Companies do not only need to report, but also act, prevent and mitigate. Companies and even the management can be kept personally accountable if Human rights of actors in the supply chain are compromised.

While the consequences are significant, the legislation is not very specific about what needs to be done and how human rights violations should be recognised and addressed. In this Webinar we will present the backgrounds on the legislation and our analysis of the skills, tools and insights companies need to help to identifying hotspots and human rights related risks.

This webinar is based on the discussions between the Core partners in the Social Value Initiative. You will learn, what the Due Diligence legislation entails, what the requirements are and how the toolset developed in the Handbook for PSIA can be a great starter.

The presenters are:

  • Mark Goedkoop: Founder of PRé Sustainability and Social Value Initiative.
  • Haruka Yamada: Sustainability Specialist Fuji Oil
  • Tabea Boeglin: Human Rights Specialist of Richemont International SA

The slides of these events can be found here

The recording of the this webinar can be found here

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