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The following mail was just send to all that registered as a scientific team members, but also others may join this group of course:

Dear All,

I am contacting you as some time ago you registered at the Social Value Community website. Currently 14 people signed up as a sientific member, and this is why we thought it is a good time to activate this group. On the website, we have already set up a group, to which you can sign on; you can find it here. If you are indeed interested, please register as a group member.

The purpose of this group should really be determined by the members, and not us. However, we think it should be fossing on ways to bring our scientific understanding of social metrics forward, share ideas and experiences. If definitely does not have to be taking the Handbook as a starting point.

To kick this off we would like to start a first webinar, and created a Doodle for this

The initial proposal for an agenda is:

  1. Getting to know each other
  2. Inventory of ideas for topics to be discussed
  3. Actionpoints and agreements
  4. Closure

The group page already has a forum where you can leave thoughts, ideas and comments, but you can also reply back to me

Mark goedkoop

PS, you will also get a mail to all members on this website

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