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  • Dear Mark, dear all,
    Thank you very much for this initiative! I have a similar situation to @Sarah and would love to attend the next webinar.
    Kind regards,
    Hugo Souza.
  • Dear all,
    I am an engineer. I have mainly worked on environmental LCA of products or services. In my current research, I am trying to develop a sustainability assessment of products. A way to link social, economic and environmental LCA. By joining this group, I will be happy to discuss how to approach social impact by using LCA tool or not.
    Kind regards,
    • H Sarah, Welcome, we just had a webinar and an initial discussion with people to launch some of these working groups; we will soon lanch another call and we will keep you in that loop
  • Dear Mark, dear all,

    I would like to thank you for this very important initiative and for the kind invitation.
    I'll be looking forward to contributing to further develop SLCA in both theoretical and methodological backgrounds.

    Kind regards,
  • Dear Dr. Goedkoop, dear Colleagues,

    I thank you so much for this initiative and would be more than glad to join you in the discussions and contribute as much as possible, even if I do not have social sciences academic background.

    With best regards,
    Sueli Oliveira
    • Hi Sueli, you're very welcome to join! No problem that you don't have a social sciences background, I think it's great if we can bring different disciplines together! :)
    • Dear Rosan, thank you so much for your response and kind acceptance! All the best!
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The Slides from the Social LCA conference are available

The recent Social LCA conference just made the slides from virtually all presentations available here. Also a few posters were made available. While keynotes are not alsways very much to the point (in my experience, these two are certainly different), watch the well informed Keynote speech by Mrs. Zakia Khattabi and Keynote speech by Nathan Fabian Get inspired!        

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Social LCA conference: My view on the scientific basis of social LCA

I was happy to see our proposal to have a separate session of the scientific basis of Social LCA was accepted. I was sharing the session and made two presentations. The purpose of this session is to enrich the scientific discussion on the Social LCA community with things we can learn from Social Science. I believe it is high time this happens as most Social LCA practitioners seem to have a technical background and apply social LCA often as just another type of LCA, which I believe, does not…

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