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  • Hello everyone, happy new year to all! I'd like to share our case study from Ghent in a fresh publication. Please find the article here:

    I can provide more details about how we performed workshops and interviews, if anyone is interested.

    Best regards,
    Social Impact Assessment of Circular Construction: Case of Living Lab Ghent
    The construction industry is considered to have a high potential in achieving the sustainable development goals. The circular economy is a promising…
  • Hello Tom, it's a good idea to share a brief bio about our selves regarding our experience. I've been involved in a living lab research in KU Leuven Ghent Campus with a life cycle thinking (mainly environmental) in an Interreg Project called Circular Biobased Construction Industry. We constructed a circular and biobased residential housing prototype. Then we embarked on a social impact assessment based mainly on qualitative analysis but I've also had a check on SHDB.
    • Good to learn more about your experience, Cihan! :) A "living lab" sounds quite exciting. It's interesting, that you mention qualitative analysis and then kind of put that opposed to the SHDB, because I mainly used the SHDB also for more qualitative assessments (hotspot identification). But then mainly the online platform version (not the version that's in SimaPro).
  • On and off (more off than on) I've been working on social LCA for ten years. Experience with the SHDB database and methodology for a project with the municipality of Amsterdam and now in a project on the recycling of flooring systems called CISUFLO.
    • Nice to hear, Tom! Would be very interesting to read about the project for the municipality of Amsterdam
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